Baryn Futa, Preserving the Arts

Although he is currently a notable patron of the arts, with a rich appreciation for art and its importance to society, Baryn Futa didn’t always have such a deep appreciation for the fine arts. It’s a simple fact that he didn’t really discover his artist’s soul until he retired and he began working with the Denver Art Museum.

While working in the art world, he began to appreciate the vital importance the arts play in every society. No one was more surprised than he when he was attracted to the art world and its profound importance to preserving society and culture. He attended art fairs and museum and gallery exhibitions and attended lots of classes; anything else he could find to satisfy his craving for more information, he did.

Baryn Futa understands that, while most people appreciate the arts on some level, few are either willing or able to support the arts to the extent needed. That is what has led him to help with that to the extent possible. Thankfully, he now realizes that art investment is also profitable, in addition to being great for society.