Art appreciation, as explained by Baryn Futa

Art is more than meets the eye — literally. It’s not just the colors on a canvas or the lines in a sketch. It’s not just the architecture of a work or the notes in a song. It’s the greater meaning that exists behind each of these efforts and displays. Art benefactor Baryn Futa knows this and share his knowledge of art appreciation with others, fervently encouraging them to feel the same. He understands and notes that there exists more to appreciating the arts than a simple museum visit or a swift view of a masterpiece. Rather, says Baryn Futa, it is about putting money where your mouth is — it’s contributing to fundraisers and helping artists not just survive, but thrive, so they can produce more beauty into the world. It’s about grasping the concept behind those brush strokes and colors rather than seeing its external facade. And it’s about appreciating all of those pieces together toward continued, lingering support for the artistic world.