Baryn Futa encourages a love for the arts

Like any facet of community — roads and infrastructure, community centers, schools, etc. — the arts play a critical role in its contribution to the city’s culture. Supporters and benefactors of the fine arts sincerely understand this vital role, including people such as Baryn Futa who personally contribute to this endeavor. Just as the other areas of community deserve widespread support, so do the arts, notes Futa. And, unfortunately, the arts often goes without the support needed. Whether it’s individual artists who cannot sustain life within the industry or museums and galleries that lack adequate funding, the arts as a whole suffers and so does its community. Without individuals like Futa who strives to increase arts awareness and love, the arts would flounder. Baryn Futa is determined to spread greater knowledge about their importance and works with others to help artists and art museums grow and thrive.