Baryn Futa and The New York Art Scene

New York is often known for Wall Street and its theater scene, but it is also a mecca for art. Along central park, you can find local artists selling their works. In Columbus Square, you can talk to artists that will make a custom drawing for you and throughout the streets, you can find many artists capturing the beauty of New York City via paint or pen.

In addition to these local works, you can also find many museums that features great works from around the world such as the world renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in New York City, NY. The MET is a beautiful place to explore both within and around because it is located amongst the nature of central park as well as its rooftop exhibit area. Their collection houses over 5,000 years of exhibits as well as art pieces from around the globe. Founded in 1870, the curators of the MET are always working hard to stock their walls and exhibits with a treasure trove of rare and beautiful art pieces.

Baryn Futa has always been a lover of art, emphasis on high art, and he values the New York City art scene for its ability to capture the humanity of the city amongst it concrete pavement. Baryn Futa sees the MET especially as a great example of the eclectic nature of New York City itself. From its antique works to its modern displays, it embodies both the natural and the man made beauty that is housed within the city and within the museum.