Baryn Futa and community art

There exists today an immense need for regions to focus on community-engaged art. Although art appreciation runs deep throughout human society, it is often centralized in heavily populated and urbanized areas. Fine arts appreciator and benefactor Baryn Futa notes that cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Austin and Seattle are rich with an fine arts scene that often receives significant financial backing in addition to a myriad of support from those who view the vast, brilliant and diverse scene. Community-based art, however, in smaller areas, more densely populated, lack the appreciation monetarily and otherwise to allow artists to properly thrive, thus making it impossible for them to create a true living — a happy living as well — from their work and passion.
Futa and other art appreciators and benefactors strive to help alleviate this struggle for many artists, including those creating masterpieces from small communities across the globe. Even throughout the recession, Futa has worked to support the development, growth and budding potential of artists encountered in many different locations, remaining committed to that goal and encouraging others to join him in this endeavor. Their high level of artistic work must not be squashed simply because rural areas are a more difficult place to flourish; Futa ensures their art still finds appreciation in these tiny towns and beyond.