Baryn Futa: The Patron

Baryn Futa has spent more than a few years putting together his art collection. He got a late start, but what he lacked in experience and time, he made up for in tenacity. His attitude allowed him to study art at a rate most could not, reading about the arts voraciously, attending arts classes online and in real life schools, going to art fairs, and attending museums. He also became a member of a number of well known and highly regarded art museums, including The Jewish Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Guggenheim. Baryn Futa got a late start because he did not really discover his love for the arts until quite late in life. In fact, it was not until he retired that Baryn Futa found out how much he enjoyed the fine arts.

After discovering his love for the arts, Baryn Futa began not only learning about the arts, but also starting his own art collection. He is a major benefactor of modern artists, especially those who specialize in time-based media, or video. Baryn Futa has created for himself an extensive collection of art. He has even loaned pieces from this collection out to museums and exhibits around the country. Futa is also a member of a number of prominent museums, including The Guggenheim, The Jewish Museum, and The Met.